About Dr. Lori Lawrenz 

Compassionately helping you overcome your sexual and relationship concerns while working toward cultivating a happier, healthier life through sex-positive & affirmative approaches.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Clinical Fellow in Sexual Health and working toward her AASECT Sex Therapy Certification, under the supervision of Dr. Janet Brito.

Are you struggling with sexual difficulties? Do you feel ashamed or confused by your desires? Do you have trouble feeling good about your sexual self? If so, I want you to know that it can get better. My goal is to help individuals and couples address their sexual concerns as well as to create a judgment-free space in which to explore your sexual self.

Healthy sexuality is related to positive psychological functioning. When we are sad, fearful, nervous, or struggling, it is difficult to find ways to feel good about our sexual selves. When we have sexual difficulties, these performance, pain, or desire issues can lead to psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or obsessive and compulsive behaviors. The mind and body are connected, and I am here to help you get connected with yourself in order to increase your pleasure and live a happier, healthier life.

How does your sexual story impact how you show up relationally? Are you feeling grief, shame, or confusion? Are you ready to expand your capacity for pleasure? Together, we can figure out your sexual story and how your history impacts how you currently engage with others. No matter your story, I will provide a safe space for you to work out your feelings. I can help you explore your sexual and relational patterns in order to improve the way you think, feel, and behave to help you to feel better. 

If sexual trauma is part of your story, I have many years of experience in working with people who have been hurt and traumatized, sometimes as their first introduction to sex. Your wounds from your past do not have to influence your current expression of sexuality. 

For the past twenty years I have worked as a clinical psychologist and I am happy to have the opportunity to re-specialize in Human Sexuality at the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. I hope to support you in your search for new, creative solutions to new or old issues. My agenda is to help you be the best you. You deserve to live life unafraid, free, and filled with joy.     


Dr. Lori Lawrenz

My Training

Human Sexuality Fellowship

  • Fellowship in Sexual Health at the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health (2020 to the Present)


  • Psychology, State of Hawaii, PsyD #1844, March 2020 to present
  • Psychology, State of Missouri, PsyD #2000152432 April 2000 to present


  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology – Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
  • Master of Arts – Clinical Psychology Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science – Missouri State University

Doctoral Dissertation

  • A Normative Validation of the Symbolic Meanings of Bender-Gestalt Figures. Symbolic meanings of Bender-Gestalt figures were explored using a semantic differential technique

Professional Affiliations

  • American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, & Therapists (AASECT)

How We Can Help You

“You can become a more confident you, and we will help you walk the path that makes your goals a reality.”