Dr. Lawrenz has dedicated her career as a clinical psychologist to helping others, often in the hardest times of their lives. She is professional, culturally competent, and a tireless advocate for her clients. Perhaps most notable about Dr. Lawrenz is her genuine, thoughtful approach that provides the client a sense of safety and acceptance. She is an outstanding asset to serve the people of Hawaii. 

Shawna M. Baron, Psy.D.

“Dr. Lori Lawrenz is a wonderful, caring, empathetic and knowledgeable psychologist who goes “above and beyond” to help her clients. She is very devoted and committed to the work she does and does it with nothing less than excellence. She shows such compassion and desire to help others, all the while learning from each experience to not only improve the lives of others, but herself as well. I have seen her show such strength and resilience in her own life, when facing various challenges and situations that she has encountered with astounding fortitude and grace.  I would, without hesitation confidently recommend Dr. Lori Lawrenz to anyone seeking her services.”


Wanda K. Holloway, PsyD, LCSW, LPC
EMDR Certified Therapist, Approved Consultant and Trainer