Our Team

Our practice is devoted to helping you manage difficult aspects of your sexuality, gender & reproductive health. We provide a safe space for you to share your fears and wants, let go of the past, and move beyond painful feelings. It is possible. Therapy can help you to find relief, solutions, and uncover your courage to take action and change.

Helping individuals, couples, and people in relationships feel less scared and work towards a happier sex-positive life.

Dr. Janet Brito

ASSECT certified Sex Therapist & Supervisor

Not currently accepting new clients

Dr. Lori Lawrenz

Licensed clinical psychologist; Clinical Fellow in Sexual Health and working toward
her AASECT Sex Therapy Certification, under the supervision of Dr. Janet Brito.

We are hiring!

The Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health is looking for a skilled & licensed Clinical Therapist to join their team!