Couples And Relationship Counseling

Sex therapy may be a good choice when:

 You have unresolved feelings that make maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship a challenge

 You have trouble communicating your needs to your partner

 You are having difficulties reestablishing trust after infidelity

Sex therapy can help:

Couples and relationship counseling allow you and your partner to work through any challenges in your relationship as a team, helping you make critical decisions regarding how to move forward in a way that is healthy both mentally and physically.

“The process aims to help you in your journey to a more fulfilling sex life, alleviating any negative feelings you may be experiencing today.”

Dr. Janet Brito

Dr. Janet Brito

If you are struggling, I want you to know it can get better. Whether you are simply someone looking to be understood or would like help facilitating change in your life, I am here to help.

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“You can become a more confident you, and I will help you walk the path that makes your goals a reality.”