Infertility Counseling

Counseling may be a good choice when:

  You are struggling with negative feelings due to issues with fertility

  Infertility is hurting your ability to connect with your partner, sexually and emotionally

  After years of treatments, you need support around the decision to adopt or live child-free

Infertility Counseling can help:

Struggling with reproductive health issues can be physically and emotionally demanding. Counseling for those experiencing difficulties in the area of reproductive health can help you manage these difficulties, allowing you to move forward.

“The process aims to help you in your journey to a more fulfilling sex life, alleviating any negative feelings you may be experiencing today.”

Dr. Janet Brito

Dr. Janet Brito

If you are struggling, I want you to know it can get better. Whether you are simply someone looking to be understood or would like help facilitating change in your life, I am here to help.

How I Can Help You

“You can become a more confident you, and I will help you walk the path that makes your goals a reality.”