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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy may be a good choice when:

  You are struggling with aspects of your sex life or sexuality

  Unresolved issues from your past are interfering with your ability to have a satisfying relationship

  You have concerns about your level of desire or ability to become aroused

Sex therapy can help:

Address feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about sex as well as address specific concerns about performance, intimacy, and sexual expression.

Anyone who struggles with aspects of their sex life may find that sex therapy is an ideal solution to get the information and education they need to feel confident in their sexuality as well as the support and guidance necessary to work through personal challenges.

“The process aims to help you in your journey to a more fulfilling sex life, alleviating any negative feelings you may be experiencing today.”

Dr. Janet Brito

Dr. Janet Brito

If you are struggling, I want you to know it can get better. Whether you are simply someone looking to be understood or would like help facilitating change in your life, I am here to help.

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“You can become a more confident you, and I will help you walk the path that makes your goals a reality.”