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About Dr. Janet Brito

I help individuals, couples, and people in relationships challenged with sexual and gender difficulties feel less scared and prepared for the next adventure.

Hi, I am Dr. Janet Brito.

Are you struggling to make things happen, feeling stressed, but desire to change and feel more connected? Therapy can help you feel better. Overall, I understand your desire to want to change, but feeling stuck. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

I’m a seasoned therapist, with over 20 years of experience, and ca help you. I am an AASECT-certified sex therapist & supervisor who also has a license in clinical psychology and social work.

My colleagues and friends say I am a good listener, passionate, empathic, and caring.

By meeting regularly, talking about what is bothering you, getting honest feedback, and doing some exercises at home, you are likely to gain clarity about what needs to change, feel the motivation and energy to make some shifts, and put an end to limiting patterns that hold you back.

Like many of the people who seek the services of a sex therapist, you may feel embarrassed talking about your concerns. I assure you, though, that it is quite normal to feel that way.

Fortunately, my extensive training, in particular at the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program and then at the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School has prepared me well.

Because I have helped many people going through similar experiences like you, you can rest assured that you will feel safe, heard, encouraged, and empowered to change.

Being a therapist is a privilege I appreciate every day, and I look forward to continuing my life’s work by helping you experience a life full of self-acceptance, pleasure, and peace.


Dr. Janet Brito

My Training

Human Sexuality Fellowship

  • Graduate of the Fellowship Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School, one of only a few university programs in the world dedicated to sexuality training (2014-2016).

Sex Therapy Training

  • American Association of Sexuality Educators,
    Counselors, and Therapists
    (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor (2020) and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist (2016)
  • Certificate in Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (2012)
  • Certificate in Sex Education from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (2013)


  • Licensed Psychologist, State of Hawaii, License #1655, April 2017 to June 2022
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Hawaii, License #3262, March 2005 to June 2022


  • PhD in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute (2014)
  • Master’s of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in the City of New York (2000)
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago (1999)

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Infertility Among Women of Mexican Descent Living in the United States: A Phenomenological Analysis on the Emotional and Sexual Impact and Coping Styles

Professional Affiliations

  • American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)
  • Hawaii Psychological Association (HPA)
  • National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA)


“I would like to provide a hearty and heartfelt endorsement of Dr. Janet Brito. She has years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and then returned to school to complete her doctorate in clinical psychology and is now a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She then completed a lengthy program for certification as a therapist with emphasis on sexuality. She is transculturally aware and a professional and thoughtful clinician. Undoubtedly Janet will be a resource for many of our clients as well as a consultant for us.”

Beth Ananda-Stout, PhD, APRN

What stands out the most for me is Dr. Brito’s emotional attunement to what is happening in therapy, and her effective use of body wisdom for herself and her clients. She integrates mindfulness-based approaches into her therapeutic approach to good effect. She is an outstandingly kind and positive person, which is deeply appreciated by clients and colleagues alike. I highly recommend her.

Anne McBean, M.A., Faculty Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota

“Dr. Brito fosters safety for her clients by remaining authentic, noncritical, and empathic, while empowering those who seek support through nonintrusive applications. Dr. Brito supports individuals, couples, and groups from varying backgrounds, sexual orientations, and practices to reach their goals. Dr. Brito is an asset to Hawaii and the psychological community at large, as a genuine practitioner of the healing arts.”

Dennis P. Itoga, Psyd.D., M.Ed.

“I am very impressed with Dr. Janet Brito’s positive attitude and her ability to make the best of difficult situations. She is conscientious and a hard worker who is passionate about sexual and transgender health. She is eager, asks questions, takes in feedback, and then does something with it. She is a very warm person and I would not hesitate to refer clients to her.”

Dianne Berg, PhD, Assistant professor, licensed psychologist, and Co-Director of the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health at the University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality

“Dr. Brito is very dedicated to her work as a sex therapist. She shows deep concern for her patients and gives them the best available care. When in doubt, she seeks guidance, support, and feedback. She is knowledgeable, kind, considerate, good-natured and very personable. I think very highly of her work.”

Eli Coleman, PhD, Professor and Director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School

“Dr. Janet Brito is such a warm and open person that it is easy to see how she builds such strong relationships with her clients. She is engaged, motivated, and handles challenging situations well. She is a terrific therapist.”

Katie Spencer, PhD, Assistant professor, licensed psychologist, Co-Director of the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health, and coordinator of the Adult Transgender Health Services Program at the University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality

“Dr. Janet Brito has solid case conceptualization skills, an excellent array of therapeutic techniques, and strong diagnostic skills. She is cognizant of cultural issues and cultural differences. Dr. Brito is able to quickly build rapport with clients and she is well liked by both clients and professionals with whom she works. She is hard-working, self-motivated, responsible, and seeks out new learning opportunities. Her ability to comfortably discuss sexuality, an area that is difficult for most unseasoned and even seasoned psychologists is an valuable asset. I highly recommend her.”

Katrina Buwalda, PsyD, Owner of Buwalda Psychological Services


“Dr. Janet Brito has emerged as a leader in the clinical specialty of sexual health. Her expertise is evidenced by her extensive education, years of patient experience, and completion of a highly prestigious post-doctoral fellowship program. Her clinical skills are only surpassed by her people skills, including her personal warmth, genuine compassion, and a sweet, gentle demeanor.”  

Lauren P. Barrett, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


“Dr. Brito is an amazing professional, very empathic and person oriented. She has an extensive experience with Reproductive and Sexual Health. Highly recommended!!!”

Lorena Vazquez Santiago, MRC, PsyD, Owner of Starfish Psychological Services


“Dr. Brito is so kind and compassionate. She really gets what is important to people. She has heart and the knowledge to help. Very professional.”

Monica Houttuin MSW, LCSW, Owner of Counseling Rediscovering Connections


“Dr. Janet Brito’s extensive clinical and scholarly background offers distinct focus on relational, sexual, whole health and well-being. In addition, her training in depth psychology contributes to her outstanding capacity to work with past and present relational dynamics, both conscious and unconscious factors that influence our lives, the impact of culture and society, spirituality, and other holistic views of human experience. Dr. Brito’s outstanding clinical background and skills as well as her caring presence are likely to appeal to many who seek therapeutic care.”

Oksana Yakushko, PhD, Core Faculty, Chair, Clinical Psychology Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute


“Dr. Brito is amazingly intuitive. She is empathic and present with her clients. She is able to gently encourage her clients to try new things in a manner that they can accept. Her humanity makes her interventions more powerful. She is incredibly calm, accepting, compassionate, and empathic with clients. Her mindfulness skills and interest in developing and teaching them are strong and evident. She practices what she preaches. She is a fantastic therapist and I would refer clients to her.”

Sara Mize, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Allina Health


“Dr. Brito exudes a positive energy that is reflected in both her professional and personal life.  She has a wonderful ability to be compassionate, genuine, and transparent.  In addition, her enthusiasm for self-care and mindfulness is inspiring to others.”

Tracy Carlson, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Owner of Connections Psychotherapy & Wellness