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Sex Work and Escorts

If you’re a sex worker or an escort, it’s normal to worry about being judged. Finding a therapist who can provide you with a safe space might seem impossible. If you’re trying to find a judgment-free therapist, we are here to listen. We can help you manage any difficulties, find balance and peace, ensuring you can live your life your way. Our trenbolone acetate side effects goal is to ensure you get the support you need to address relationship challenges, negotiate boundaries, and navigate personal or relational challenges that may be associated with your line of work.

Sessions are designed to help:

  • Address feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about sex as well as address specific concerns about performance, intimacy, and sexual expression.
  • Manage daily stressors or mental health concerns
  • Assistance with establishing boundaries and creating work-life balance
  • Balancing intimate relationships due to stigma