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Mindful Sex

Today, staying in the moment isnโ€™t easy. You might be inundated with phone notifications, calendar reminders, and a range of personal and professional responsibilities. When it comes time for sex, ignoring everything seems impossible, so you struggle to stay connected and engaged. Our goal is to help you find balance in your life, including your sex life. Mindful sex can offer you that, ensuring you can be fully present when it matters most.As your therapist, our goal is to help you find opportunities to enhance communication, negotiate consensual boundaries, and improve sexual function within the context of your relationship.
Mindful sex therapy can help you to:

  • Learn techniques to stay in the moment during sexual activities
  • Adopt an open, non-judgmental, and curious attitude toward sex in order to become more sexually satisfied
  • Identify new skills to help you stay present and connect deeper to your body